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January 2004 Update   

© Mother Linda's             

New Year’s Resolutions anyone? No, not about dieting. I don’t believe in it. Rather, I would suggest making a unique New Year’s resolution. If you haven’t done so already, resolve to throw out, or phase out, all the old aluminum and Teflon pots and pans in your kitchen and replace them with stainless steel. (And I have a few more suggestions.) You will find that I have created links in the article to items listed on Amazon.com to let you see what some of my favorite things look like.

To learn more about why, see “My Pots and Pans” on my Web site at: http://www.motherlindas.com/pots_and_pans.htm

And it’s not too early to start thinking about next year’s vacation, so I have posted my most recent Canadian travel article entitled “Destination from Heaven.” It takes you to an under-visited and fairly unknown region of Quebec called Charlevoix which features a Flavor Trail, or in French “Route des Saveurs.” Although I showcase the region in summer, it is filled with winter sports activities. Heck if you hurry, you could even squeeze in a visit to Charlevoix this year before the snow melts.

To find out why I call it a “destination from heaven, see: http://www.motherlindas.com/charlevoix3.htm

Happy 2004! 

Mother Linda