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Organic Sprouted Spelt

I have been testing some of my recipes with sprouted spelt and I love it. My brownies turn out AWESOME. I think you will love it too. Instead of having soak, sprout, dry and grind your own grains to deactivate the deleterious endocrine disruptors in them, all you have to do is reach for a bag. To read more on why sprouting grains is beneficial and important, cruise over to:  http://www.westonaprice.org/foodfeatures/be_kind.html. For a great way to enjoy sprouted spelt, click here to view my Sprouted Spelt Soda Bread recipe.

Two pound bags of organic sprouted spelt, a great size to do a little experimentation with, are available for $10, plus $8 shipping, or get two 2-lb bags for $20, plus $8 shipping.

Prices are going up! New pricing soon.

I am out of sprouted spelt until September 2008. Check back then. Linda


To order by mail, make checks payable to Mother Linda's and send to:

Mother Linda’s

PO Box 3832

West Lafayette, IN 47906

Sorry, US dollars and addresses only.


OR, better yet, ask me if there is room to add a pound or two into the box with another order and I will quote you a total with combined shipping. If you are interested let me know what you would like email,

momlinda, then the @ symbol, followed by motherlindas.com,

and I will send you an electronic invoice.