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Seeking Health with Mother Linda

Everyone is searching for happiness and good health is a large part of it. In addition to eating good-quality food, I believe there are a few other things we can do to preserve and restore our health--no matter our age. For example, I am an advocate of yoga. It's great for maintaining flexibility.

On these pages, I will share some of my thoughts on health. Since this is a new section, bear with me as I slowly expand it.

The Merits of Reflexology--This ancient art uses the feet to diagnosis and treat ailments in the body. You might be very surprise about what your feet can tell you.

Miracle Balls--If you have some lingering aches and pains, I heartily endorse these little blue plastic balls. They worked a miracle on a stubborn pain in my foot.

My Pots and Pans--Why bother to use the best ingredients, if, at the last minute, you compromise the quality of the final dish by choosing the wrong pot or pan to prepare it in?

Salad Dressing Comes to the Rescue--Clean greens is an important step to salad enjoyment, and salad dressings and extra lemon can be a salvation.

Take a Sun Bath--Sunbathing is the old-fashioned way to get your requirement of Vitamin D. Read on to find out why you should not use sun block when you do.

Walk a Labyrinth--Walking a labyrinth is a stress reducer, but at one time they were a substitute for making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land or Rome.

Take a Salt and Soda Bath--To draw out the toxins our of your system naturally and without side effects, take a salt and soda bath once a month.