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Provenšal Tablecloths

This is the lady who owns the shop where I ordered these Provenšal tablecloths from. Although I am not selling the one she is holding, I am selling three beautiful patterns I love--(see below) and they all traditional Provenšal patterns.

They are 100% cotton and wash wonderfully. Their dimensions are 60 x 106 inches. They brighten up any room--and any mood. Quantities are limited.


Sunflowers on a field of gold reminds me of Van Gogh, who spent time in Arles where I had these handmade. This tablecloth has a green border.

$49.95 + includes free S&H to all US addresses


Put a field of Provenšal lavender on your table. This tablecloth has a blue border.

$49.95, includes free S&H to all US addresses


This golden tablecloth is decorated with olives and cicadas, which are considered good luck symbols in Provence. It has a maroon border.

$49.95, includes free S&H to all US addresses


Questions: Email me at momlinda, the @ symbol, followed by motherlindas.com

Also, I now use PayPal, which helps expedite the whole buying process.