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Bulgarian Gyuvech: The Original Crock Pot                           For recipes

The Bulgarians knew all about slow food long before it became trendy. They make a wonderful dish called gyuvech that is slow cooked in a pottery dish of the same name. Today, old-world artisans decorate gyuvech with century-old, colorful designs. I call the pots the "original crock pot." These are wonderful wedding gifts or a great addition to any kitchen.

This golden keepsake gyuvech has a family-sized five-quart capacity. I used to carry these, but the importer is out of stock. But isn't it beautiful? 


Sorry, sold out. 



These flower-embossed 3 qt. gyuvech are one of my favorites.


 Sorry, sold out!

Here's another wonderful gyuveche. With a 3- and 5-quart capacity,  it's perfect for a couple or a small family. It's availabe in yellow, blue and earth.


Sorry, sold out!



Questions: Email me at momlinda, the @ symbol, followed by motherlindas.com

For delicious gyuvech recipes: Click here!!

Also, I now use PayPal, which helps expedite the whole buying process.