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Mother Linda's Press Releases

I VERY occasionally post shorter missives on food, travel & tourism topics I am interested in. The going rate is about once a year. Things might pick up.

September 2, 2007--Iraq to Become World's No. 1 Tourist Destination by 2040--No other destination will be able to compete with a peaceful Iraq.

August 7, 2006--Ice Cream Melts Away into History--Before its too late, rise up and demand that ice cream live up to its name.

April 1, 2005--The Cook's Confrčre--Print this out, make a cup of tea, put your feet up and laugh with me as you read about the merits of the humble pig from the viewpoint of a scholar.


February 14, 2005--The Sugar Wars and Splenda: Not so Splendid--In reaction to a lawsuit by the makers of white sugar against a major competitor, SplendaŽ.