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On the Road with Mother Linda


Honoring the Alphabet: A visit to Sofia, Bulgaria, during a national holiday honoring Cyril and Methodius, the patron saints of the Bulgarian language. 


Destination from Heaven: The Charlevoix region of Quebec owes its unique geography to a meteorite that helped shape not only the land but its agriculture and cuisine.

Settled by the Sea: Perched on the eastern edge of the North American continent, Newfoundland offers a bounty of wildlife, berries, and good food, and kindred folk.


Of Cabbages and Emperors: A visit to Split, Croatia, and the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian who retired there to grow cabbages.

Dalmatian Sun and Wine: A sunny landscape, bounteous grapes, and a newfound freedom, make the Dalmatian coast of Croatia the perfect place to explore some excellent yet-to-be discovered wines.

The Four Corners of Kvarner: For a glimpse of the Mediterranean "as it was," the northern Adriatic islands of Cres, Krk, Rab, and Pag are a good place to start.

From Mines to Vines: Founder Heidi Kuhn hopes that her Roots of Peace can help rid the world of a silent terrorist.


The Mews of London: Hidden in alleys and culs-de-sac, the former stables of London now house trendy homes, preserving some of the city's last vestiges of community spirit.


In the Footsteps of Joan of Arc: Retracing the path of one of France's greatest heroines from her birthplace in Lorraine to her death in Normandy.

Cezanne Centenary: The centenary of the death of Paul Cezanne (1839-1906).


Hungary Through Gastronomy: As Hungary steps out of the shadow of communism, it plans to attract more tourism by showcasing its excellent food and wine industries.


2004 Icelandic Food and Fun Festival: A photographic journey.


A Visit to Little Iraq: A visit to the Iraqi polling place in Maryland.


The Perfect Loaf--In search of the quintessential loaf of ancestral Irish soda bread. 


Christmas, Swedish-American Style: Friend Susan J. Alexis, a fourth-generation American, remembers the holiday season, starting with Santa Lucia Day.


A Visit to Switzerland's Lötschental: In the footsteps of Weston A. Price.

Zurich Airport: A Destination unto Itself: With more and more amenities, airports are becoming destinations in their own right, with Zurich Airport leading the way.

United States

A Vinegar Barbecue: Vinegar-based sauces are king on the coastal plain of North Carolina and in Newport whole-hog barbecuing is a community event.

See Richmond First: A visit to Richmond, Indiana guided by her historic landmarks.