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My Favorite Things

These things are by no means all my favorite things, but a few I don't sell myself and I found on Amazon. If you click through these links to buy from Amazon, I get a small monetary thank you which helps keep my Website and writing projects afloat.


I know you will love this butter warmer as much as I do. I use it to melt butter, to heat up cold maple syrup, and even to warm up cold coffee. Throw out the microwave and use this little pan. 


This is a gorgeous copper butter warmer. Just so you know, I do not recommend using anything that has a Teflon® lining. To learn why, read my article "My Pots and Pans."


I love my salad spinner. Just how did I live without it? I use the basin to soak my greens in water with a little vinegar to kill any parasites, rinse, put the top on and spin. 


I use these 5-ounce Apilco ceramic ramekins for crème brûlée, but they are great for butter and other condiments for the table. For more information, see "The World According to Crème Brûlée."


I have a collection of antique Depression glass reamers and I love them. But since those are hard to find nowadays, I recommend this wooden reamer. It's a great addition to the kitchen.


I would be lost in the kitchen without a miracle garlic peeler. You put 2,3 or 4 pieces of garlic in the tube, press down and roll the tube a couple times, and voilà, the garlic is peeled. It is so easy.