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100% pure Vermont maple sugar


Maple sugar front label


Maple sugar is America's First Sweetener--I love maple sugar and wonder why it is not more popular and available. (If you’ve ever made sweetened whipped cream with maple sugar, you will never want to use anything else.) Many recipes in old New England cookbooks call for “Indian sugar,” but few modern cooks have ever heard about it. Maple farmers sell granulated maple sugar directly to consumers under different names, such as maple powder, maple sprinkles or maple granules. I wholeheartedly recommend it for baking or making candy but suggest you buy it in bulk (or it is astronomically expensive). But it can be hard to find because very few syrup makers want to go the extra step to make maple sugar. Vermont and Quebec are the two main source areas for maple sugar--and where get the supply I sell. To get the best price you have to buy 100 lbs. or more--so that's a good reason to buy from me.

Even with shipping costs, my prices for maple sugar are cheaper than store prices where it is sold in very small quantities for very big prices. So, stock up today!

1½ lbs.

Buy some maple sugar to make Jefferson's ice cream!

$18.00 + $5.95 S&H = $23.95

This is packed in a plastic zip bag that fits into a USPS small flat rate shipping box--hence, the better S&H pricing.

Jeffersonian Ice Cream recipe


1½ lbs.

$18.00 + $8.00 S&H = $26.00

This is packed in one sturdy plastic container that is perfect for long-term storage and reuse.



3 lbs.

$36.00 + $11.00 S&H = $47.00

This is packed two sturdy plastic containers that are perfect for long-term storage and reuse.



4½ lbs.

$54.00 + $11.00 S&H = $65.00

This is packed in three sturdy plastic container that are perfect for long-term storage or reuse.