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100% Linen and 50/50 Linen Cotton (Linen Union) Tea Towels


Are you tried of trying to dry your glassware with cotton towels or paper towels, then invest in some 100% and 50/50 linen & cotton tea towels? You will never be sorry you did. These tea towels, sometimes called glass cloths, are the perfect solution for drying glassware, and they become more and more absorbent as they are laundered and reused. I used to import tea towels from Ireland, but these are no longer available. I now source all my tea towels from Russia. They are gorgeous, and I think, giving the Irish a run for their money on both quality and price.

I really recommend that you buy six of the style you like...that way you can use some and wash some. That's why I have created a PayPal button so you can buy a half dozen. However, if you are intereste in another amount, send your order by email to:

momlinda, followed by the @ symbol, then motherlindas.com

and I will check my inventory and send you an electronic PayPal invoice.


taxi check Taxi check colors

Taxi check pattern, oversize 24x31 inches, made of 100% linen, GOLD (yellow), RED and GREY (not shown)

Sorry, sold out of BLUE and RED


Taxi check BLUE Sold Out
Taxi check RED Sold Out
Taxi check GOLD Package of SIX = $120 + $10.50 S&H = $130.50
Taxi check GREY (not pictured) Package of SIX = $120 + $10.50 S&H = $130.50
Fish pattern blue Fish pattern colors

Nautical fish pattern, 20x28 inches, made of 50/50 linen cotton, blue and yellow (sold out of red)


Fish BLUE Package of SIX = $90.00 + $6.95 S&H = $96.95
Fish YELLOW Package of SIX = $90.00 + $6.95 S&H = $96.95
Sunflower pattern Sunflower pattern colors

Woven sunflower pattern, 20x28 inches, made of 50/50 linen-cotton, red/yellow and green/yellow


Woven Sunflower RED/YELLOW Package of SIX = $90.00 + $6.95 S&H = $96.95
Woven Sunflower GREEN/YELLOW Package of SIX = $90.00 + $6.95 S&H = $96.95
Printed Sunflower One pattern/color available

Printed sunflower, 100% linen, 21x30 inches, multi-color printed sunflower



Printed Sunflower Package of SIX = $90.00 + $6.95 S&H = $96.95
Iris tea towel Two color combinations available: blue/pink and blue/green

Woven iris pattern, 100% linen, 20x31 inches


Iris BLUE/PINK Package of SIX = $90.00 + $6.95 S&H = $96.95
Iris BLUE/GREEN Sold out  
Monstera One pattern, as shown to the left

Monstera leaves on white background with red trim, 20x28 inches, 50/50 linen and cotton


Monstera Pacakge of SIX = $60 + 6.95 S&H = $66.95