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In the Kitchen with Mother Linda

Antique Apples

Not All Apples are Created Equal--Tasteless commercial cultivars are no match for flavor-filled old-time apples. 


My favorite Korean food--The colors and textures of this national dish make it one Korea's most appetizing and appealing dishes.

Bulgarian Gyuvech

The Original Crock Pot--These beautiful handmade ceramic pots are named for the dish prepared in them.

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cooking--A heavy, but essential, addition to the kitchen, cast-iron cookware is dependable and full of history.

Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock 101--After years of lifeless chicken stock, I finally stumbled on the solution to perfect stock every time.

Christmas Cookies

One is Silver and the Other is Gold--Some of my favorite Christmas cookie recipes are posted here to share--old ones are gold and new ones are silver.


The New Chocolate Revolution--A new breed of chocolate manufacturer is making chocolate with distinctions like fine wine.


Cranberries: America's Bouncing Berry--Loved by the Indians and Pilgrims alike, cranberries are a favored ingredient for the holidays.

Crme Brle

The World According to Crme Brle--The subtleties of this popular dessert can tell you a lot about the kitchen it came from.


The Rise and Fall of Crisco--The story of how Proctor & Gamble successfully demonized lard.


Oh, my Deer!--Cooking with venison is a perfect way to capture and exploit the American terroir and get too plentiful deer off our roads.


The Humble Egg--Having fallen from grace in the 1980s, the humble egg is being resurrected and restored to an honorable place in the kitchen.

The 4th of July

My Favorite Foods for the Fourth--Celebrate American independence with American species. 

French Duck & French Goose Fat

A Golden Treasure--The humble goose is the source of luxury down, goose meat, foie gras, and golden goose fat. 

High Fructose Corn Syrup

The Murky World of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)--An in-depth look at how this popular sweetener is made.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Melts Away into History--Rise up America!! Stop buying fake ice cream and go back to your roots.

Jeffersonian Ice Cream--Get out the ice cream maker and make some summer memories.

How to Make Ice Cream--A design from more than a century and a half ago, is the still alive and well in modern-day ice cream makers.

Ice Cream Chemistry--The chemistry behind the magic of ice cream.

Irish Soda Bread

The Perfect Loaf--In search of the quintessential loaf of ancestral Irish soda bread. 


The Prince of Rice--A tiny-grained rice called Kalijira is the perfect choice for the busy cook.


Put Lard Back in Your Larder--In praise of lard and its multitude of traditional uses. 

Maple Sugar

America's First Sweetener--An indigenous nutrient-rich sugar that was more transportable than maple syrup. 

Paki Sir

Sheep, glorious sheep's milk cheese--Many overlooked sheep milk cheeses are ready to be explored and enjoyed including Paki Sir from the Croatian island of Pag.

Pots and Pans

My Pots and Pans--Out with the old and in with the new. Why you should get rid of your aluminum and Teflon pans.


Rhubarb Reminiscences--No other plant marks the arrival of spring like rhubarb!


The Roe to Health--In praise of all kinds of fish eggs, including caviar from the rivers of the American South.


Is Something Fishy Going On?--An examination of the merits of wild Alaskan salmon and the demerits of farmed.


Verjus: Green Juice--The half sweet, half tart juice of immature grapes is a refreshing and trendy alternative to vinegar or lemon juice.


Gift from Bulgaria--Yogurt is a creamy, tart treat best made from scratch at home with a good yogurt starter and fresh milk.