Elena's Poached Eggs, Panagyurski Style, Bulgarian ambassador



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Elena’s Poached Eggs

Eggs “Panagyurski” Style

Even today, Her Excellency Elena Poptodorova, the current Bulgarian ambassador to the United States, can see her grandma standing at the kitchen stove preparing this traditional egg dish. To Elena, the aroma invokes memories of childhood. Although made with simple ingredients, the ambassador challenges you to find anyone who wouldn’t like it.

The main difference this dish has from other egg dishes is the Bulgarian yogurt and feta cheese—known as sirine. These two ingredients blend perfectly with the smooth eggs. Serve with a dry white wine and baguette for a delicious and quick meal.

1 dozen farm-raised eggs (12 Eggs)

1 tsp. (10 g.) Vinegar

1 tsp. (10 g.) Salt

½ lb. Feta cheese (200 g. Feta Cheese)

1 cup yogurt (200 g. Yogurt )

1-2 cloves (10 g.) Garlic

½ tsp. salt or to taste

½ cup butter, melted (100 g. Butter)

1-1½ tsp. (5 g.) sweet Hungarian paprika

Poach the eggs in boiling water with salt and vinegar for three to five minutes. Let them dry on a piece of kitchen towel. Mix the crumbled feta cheese with the yogurt. Add salt and garlic. Divide the yogurt-cheese mixture onto four plates, and place three warm eggs on top; garnish with melted butter colored with paprika. Serves 4.

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