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How to Contact Me

Questions or comments? Email me at: 

momlinda, then the @ symbol, followed by

Why don't I have an active email link here? And why am I changing my email address, as of December 1, 2004? In order to cut down on Spam! Spam crawlers mine Websites 24 hours a day for email addresses and then start filling your inbox with junk mail. An effective way cut down on this is by not placing email links on a Website.

In recent weeks, my inbox has been filled with ads for Vioxx, cheap software program, how to get a Green card, etc. Most of these emails are coming from overseas. 

So just type my email address into the to: box in your email program and you be helping me keep my sanity and at the same time taking one small step to rid the world of unwanted Spam!! Thank you in advance.