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These beautiful little wooden hand-carved vials hold a treasure: Bulgarian rose oil perfume. Many  vendors sell  them in Bulgaria, but in recent years friends have brought some back from Bulgaria that were cut with something. These vials were imported by someone well connected with the Bulgarian rose oil industry which supplies most of the rose oil to the French perfume industry. Most commercial perfumes make me sneeze, but I'm sneeze-free with this natural fragrance. 

Rose oil vial

Rose Oil Perfume imported from Bulgaria

$12.50 per vial (which includes S&H to all US addresses)


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$12.50, each vial l Bulgarian Rose Oil Perfume, includes S&H to all US addresses



Sorry, US dollars and address only.

  If you want to order more than one vial and want to pay electronically, I can send you a different invoice. If you have questions, contact me at:

momlinda, then the @ symbol, followed by motherlindas.com