At the Movies with Mother Linda

At the Movies with Mother Linda Mother Linda's

Be an armchair traveler by watching my movies in the convenience of your own home. The categories and topics below are just a beginning. Currently, my movies are still photography with narration and/or music. I hope to add video elements and recorded sound to future projects.


Culinary Tourism

Croatian Vines and Wines

Croatia sports over 200 indigenous grapes species, including a grape that is the ancestor of zinfandel. However, many of these grapes are just being commercialized--and most of the wines from them are not widely available. Click on the link above to view my little movie about what Croatia has to offer, especially along the Dalmatian Coast.



Cultural Heritage Tourism


John Philip Sousa's Birthday Celebration at Congressional Cemetery

Every November 6th, Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC is the site of a Marine Band concert in honor of their most well-known and illustrious band leader to date. Come with me on a walking tour of the Sousa sites in SE DC and then enjoy the concert.