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About Mother Linda and Mother Linda's

After the birth of my first son, my friends suddenly started calling me "Mother Linda," a moniker I quickly grew to love because it somehow, however symbolically, tied me to Mother Earth and her wisdom. So, when I started writing cookbooks, I adopted that moniker as my publishing persona, created the logo you see above, and I have decided to keep both the name and logo for my online identity.

I now have three sons and divide my time between taking care of my family's health by foraging for nutrient-dense food and researching and writing about food, travel and tourism trends. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of becoming an online entrepreneur--which allows me to hear from and communicate with people around the world. 

As a food and travel professional, over the years I have had the chance to broaden my culinary and cultural interests. In April 2003, I earned the designation of Certified Culinary Professional (CCP) and in May 2004, I graduated from George Washington University School of Business with a master's in tourism administration (MTA), which was sadly, the week that the magazine I had worked at for almost two decades, laid off 90% of it staff. I decided to pursue my PhD at Purdue University in tourism and hospitality and graduated in 2009. I've been a professor in Philsince then.

In these pages, you will find that I have a special affinity for Eastern Europe--especially Bulgaria and Croatia--and nourishing back-to-the-basics food. The goal of this Web site is to share some of my interests with you.


Summer 2017 family snapshot... while on vacation in Gloucester, MA.




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