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Come with me to discover the world of food and travel. The two are intimately intertwined. What is travel without good food? I believe that cuisine is one of best windows into a culture. The food of any particular destination is impacted and influenced by its native species—those plants and animals that are indigenous to the area—then its history, and finally, human activity.

While I take you on the road with me to some interesting destinations, and you will also find other pages address some of the adulterations of our food supply and my kitchen philosophy.

Our fast-paced lives have forced many of us to abandon the kitchen and nutritious home cooking in the process. There are too many fake foods in the food supply and too many food miles on the average produce and meat that comes into our homes.

To avoid the fakes, I have added a recipe section to help you put nutrient-dense food back on your family's table by making dishes from scratch. I know it is not always possible, even for me, but I encourage you to find the best ingredients for your family. I forage the farmer's markets and health food stores, and when that fails, farms and farmers. Check out my online store to find some unique items.

In my bookstore, you will find my cookbooks, my personal reading list, and books I recommend. I don't take my recommendations lightly. There are just too much ridiculous cookbooks out there—so my goal is to create a guide. To that end, I have created a section of cookbooks I love.

Books that make it onto my personal reading list are from a wide range of topics from my own book shelf. On the rare occasion, I will write a book review. That means I really like a book!

Lastly, if you would like to very occasionally hear from me with information on whatever fancies me, announcements of future trips, recipes and travel tips, be sure to "Like" the Mother Linda's page on Facebook. See,




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